Take Charge of your Career!



Let's face it, there are endless sites and job boards on the Internet that offer you resources you can use in your job search. These sites are great if you want to spend hours reviewing hundreds of jobs that don't come close to the opportunity you are seeking. Now you have a personal portal that will aggregate thousands of job sites and present you with openings that fit your unique interests. No more sifting through individual job sites - your time is too valuable!

My Career Portal is much more than a job search tool. This portal is an entire toolbelt! We've assembled news, training, services, videos, coaching, assessments and JOBS all in one place - to provide you with a competitive advantage over other job seekers.

Please take advantage all the FREE tools:

1. Resume and Cover Letter builder - and a career advisor who will tell you what your resume REALLY says - to help you prepare for your best interview

2. Resume Cards to hand out at networking events and social gatherings

3. Career Assessment - for new graduates and career changers

4. Videos, webinars and a library of practical material that will help you improve your interview, follow up and negotiation skills

5. Trade Publications - valuable industry intel, trends and research material that you'll find useful during your search - and in your career - become a recognized expert in your field!

6. Personal Job Agent - set up an email alert to be notified daily of positions that match your search criteria - direct from company websites AND over 1000 job boards.

You owe it to yourself to do EVERYTHING possible to find, audition and land a job you LOVE! My Career Portal is designed to offer you 100% of the tools and resources you will need throughout your entire career.

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